Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do Westwood use in the manufacture of cylinder liners?

We use Centrifugal Spun Cast iron or Ductile Iron for the manufacture of liners.  We do not use Alumimium or Steel for liners. For full details on the materials we use, please see our Technical page

What are the benefits of using Ductile Iron?

Ductile Iron is generally used in Performance / Race applications, as it has three times the tensile strength of standard cast iron material.  Ductile is also more resistant to wear and harder than standard material.  Westwood can advise as to whether your engine would require Ductile material.

What information do I need to provide when enquiring about liners?

The best way to send us an enquiry, is by using the online enquiry form.  If you wish to telephone us with an enquiry, please have the following information available:  Finish Bore Size, Outside Diameter, Overall Length and any other dimensions such as Flange or Spigot dimensions.  If this information is not available or you require a wet type liner, then please tell us the vehicle application and we can then check our extensive records for a drawing.

Can I send my cylinder block or barrel to Westwood for measurements to be taken?

We prefer that customers have their blocks or barrels measured by the engineer / reconditioner that will be carrying out all the relevant machining.  This information can then be forwarded to Westwood.

Can Westwood provide any coatings such as Nikasil or Chrome?

We do not provide any coatings on our cylinder liners.

Can Westwood supply or manufacture Two Stroke cylinder liners?

We do not supply or manufacture finished Two Stroke liners, as we do not machine the ports.  We can however supply cylinder liners ready for the ports to be machined.

What piston rings can be used with Westwood cylinder liners?

You can use all types of piston rings with either Standard cast iron or Ductile iron.

Do you supply private individuals as well as companies?

We will supply private individuals with cylinder liners, but do prefer that all relevant information is provided with order / enquiry.  If you are unsure of your requirements or specifications then we would be happy to recommend an engineer or company to help with all relevant information.

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