Friday, 26 September 2014

Porsche 3.8 997 Crankcase machining

Westwood Cylinder Liners spent the day filming the machining of our Porsche 3.8 997 crankcases at Serdi UK in Uxbridge yesterday. We have specially cleaned these cases and will have the pair displayed at all our future exhibitions.

We will be able to show exactly how these liners are fitted and the benefits of using the pre cut liners. We will have a short film of the process on the website in a few weeks, but below is taster!!! The T&S TS1000 CNC Machining centre at Serdi is an amazing piece of kit, and ideally suited for the machining of the Porsche crankcases.

For further info on the Porsche cylinder liners available please go to : Porsche Liners